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 The guidelines for giving testimony have changed this year.  Below is a general summary, but each Committee has some differences in their requirements so for the specific committee check the Legislative Web Site: http://mgaleg.maryland.gov by clicking on Committees and scroll down on the Chairman's page and you will see "Witness Guidelines" highlighted - click on that and it will display the entire guidelines for that committee.


Testimony for Public Bill Hearings: The Committee accepts both oral and written testimony. New this year witnesses planning to provide oral testimony OR submit written testimony must sign-up in person using the electronic process outlined below.

 Sign-up/ Written testimony submission is available between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm. o Written Testimony

 The bill’s number, the name of the individual or organization submitting the testimony, and the individual or organization’s position (Support, Support with Amendments, or Opposed) should be clearly marked on the first page of testimony.  Emailed or faxed testimony will not be accepted.  The Committee is no longer able to accept written testimony in advance.  Late testimony will not be shared with the Committee until the next Committee work day.  Written testimony must be uploaded as a PDF file with a flash drive. All individuals submitting written testimony must bring 1 (one) hard copy in case the flash drive fails to be accepted by the system.

o Oral Testimony

 Oral testimony may be timed, and if so, may be generally limited to two to three minutes per person. The Chair may further limit oral testimony based on the number of witnesses signed up to testify on the day of the hearing so that both proponents and opponents have the opportunity to be heard. If oral testimony is further limited, the Chair will make an announcement prior to the start of the bill hearings. Please do not read from your testimony.  Witnesses signing up late must check in with Committee staff and fill out a late witness sign-up sheet. Calling late witnesses to testify is at the discretion of the Chair.