The following women have served as president of RWAAC,

Laura Triest, Chris Weinrich,Betty Taussig, Ida Wood,

Bim Fisher, Betty Moore, Shirley Manson, Bim Fisher;

Dede Knox,  Mary Rose,  Betty Caulk; Helen Fister; Rachael Peabody, Helen Fister, Marilyn Stachelczyk,  Joan Gray, Dorothy Gwinn, Merri Mullaney, Frances Brennan,  Merri Mullaney,  Marianne Pelura, Marti Fridrich, Mary Alter, Joyce Thomann, Joan Dennis, & Catie Ravenscroft James.


President – Caroln Middleton

1st Vice President – Julie St. Marie

2nd Vice President – Melissa Angelis

3rd Vice President – Carol lee

Recording Secretary – Sabra Ladd

Corresponding Secretary – 

Treasurer – Donna Brown

Assistant Treasurer / Membership Chair - Anne Marie Smith

2018 Officers

Standing Committees

Legislative Chairman – Debbie Yasuk

Publicity and PR Chairman – 

Fundraising Chairman – 

Media & Website

Special Committees

Historian – Ann Marie Smith

Standing Committees
Past Presidents

Suffragette Edna Payne who died in 1991 at the age of 100 is the oldest Republican Women's Club member.
The garden at the NFRW headquarters in
Alexandria,Virginia is dedicated to her.

At the time of her death, Grace Kelly had the longest continuous membership in the club – more than 40 years. Since Grace Kelly’s death, Betty Ann Pahr
now has the longest continuous membership with more
than 44 years in the club.